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The Royal Canal provides a wealth of opportunity for locals and visitors to the area who like to fish, boat or walk along its banks. This usually tranquil village becomes a hive of activity during the summer months with several canal rallys, water polo championships, kayaking, angling competitions, heritage week events, an outdoor country music festival and many other events. Enchanting evenings of music, food and various live entertainment take place along the waterside, which has a wonderful outdoor seating area. Boats can be hired at Richmond Harbour to cruise the canal so as to experience the tranquillity and beauty of the Irish midlands.

Heritage sites to visit in the area include the old Abbey dating from the 12th century which stands beside the present church in Clondra and two gravestones from the 5th century which are located beside the church. The Abbey which was probably an early monastic settlement, was built in the late 12th century although the lower part of the walls and foundations suggest an earlier church, perhaps 9th century. The south end suggests rebuilding carried out perhaps in the 15th century. It is referred to in the "Annals of the Four Masters", and the "Clans of Ireland" reports the death in 1323 of Giolla Airnin O'Casey, Erenach (man in charge or steward) of the church in Cluan Dha Rath. Attempts were made some years ago to remove them to the National Museum in Dublin but this was resisted by the local community who felt they should remain "in situ".

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